Adam Homfray

Customer Service Professional

In over 15 years with experience in management, rethinking structures, processes, tools or systems, I enjoy bringing creativity into operational areas. Bringing order to newly founded teams, or by supporting the change process in reorganization projects, I have turned one of my passions into a key strength. Goal and result orientation combined with a focus on practical solutions to challenges, my pragmatic approach and entrepreneurial understanding have been keys to my success, as well as a high amount of flexibility, creative thinking and an international and cooperative management style. I have many proven successes that allowed my teams to reach their targets, albeit in customer care, production or other operational areas.

No company plans for the urgent issues that arise in fast, dynamic and young enterprises. As a leader in such environments, performing when the daily business turns stressful needs to be a strong skill. Making sure customers remain satisfied and informed while urgent issues are resolved is a priority, as is the resulting root cause analysis and ensuring that fall-back solutions are put into place to remedy future occurrences. While many shy away from such energetic circumstances, for me they are the feeding ground for excellence, as they allow companies to show their value to their customers, and team members to over achieve.

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Outside of my professional life, I have 2 main ways to occupy myself – music and photography.

  • Music
  • Photography
Oxide Tones is a record label I started and managed for 9 years.

The aim was to support bands from the Post Rock genre. In those 9 years, I released over 35 albums and EPs, digitally, as well as on CD or vinyl. This was mainly a project to be involved with music, while being mainly musically untalented .

Photography has also always been a hobby.




Full CV available upon request


Director of Customer Care & Operations

August 2015 –

Head of Customer Care

January 2014 – July 2015

Senior Manager Operations Support

April 2011 – January 2014

Head of Order & Fulfillment

March 2010 – December 2010
ZYB (acquired by Vodafone)

Operations Manager

February 2008 – Febraury 2010
eBay International

Sr Manager Customer Support, Project Mgmt

July 2007 – January 2008
eBay International

Senior Manager Safe Harbour (EU)

August 2008 – July 2007
eBay International

Senior Manager General Support (EU)

March 2006 – July 2008
eBay International

Manager General Support (EU)

November 2004 – March 2006
eBay International

Junior Manager General Support (DE)

Aoril 2004 – October 2004
eBay International

Supervisor General Support (UK)

March 2002 – March 2003
eBay International

CSR General Support (UK)

July 2001 – February 2002
Easy Everything Internet Cafe

Assistant Shift Supervisor

October 2000 – June 2001


Deutsche BA


1996 – 2000

Catering industry

1990 – 1996
Blacklane - Bronze Stevie Award 2015



Blacklane - Bronze Stevie Award Germany 2015



Zalando - Bronze Stevie Award 2013



The Stevie® Awards are the world’s premier business awards. They were created in 2002 to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. In short order the Stevie has become one of the world’s most coveted prizes.There are six Stevie Awards programs, each with its own focus, list of categories, and schedule.

The customer service team categories recognize the members of individual teams within your overall customer service department or contact center organization. For example, the team may service a particular customer segment or a single client, or may work in a particular call center.

Customer Focus
Solution Orientation
Call Center Tech
Social Media
Performance Mgmt
Vendor Mgmt
Change Mgmt
Project Mgmt
Process Optimization

Why we built our own soft-phone

In a steadily evolving world of technology, we have an overload of choice when it comes to systems we can use in the Customer Service world. Even integrations between various systems are no longer a challenge, and software (SaaS too) providers know that such features are no longer just “nice to have”. So where do […]

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Moving away from email to live channels

A few months back, I wrote about email being a dying channel for effective customer support, after hearing how a large consumer electronics company was trying to do exactly that. Not being someone that remains comfortable with theoretical practices, and also seeing the issues that email caused for us, I decided to speak to some […]

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I quit, but I’ll do it nicely

I usually post things related to Customer Service, Social Media or similar, and this time it’s only tangentially related to Customer Care, because that happens to be be the area I’m in. There are many reasons to leave your current employer, it may be because you move on geographically, are looking for a new challenge, […]

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The evolution of the revolution — Email as a dying channel

Although I may be young at heart,  physically I’m certainly not, and I grew up in a very much analogue world. The limits of my digital youth were an Atari games console, and later a computer that had a cassette player to load programmes and games. It was only in the mid ’90s that I started using […]

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Looking back on 2 years at Blacklane

As we kick off 2016 at Blacklane, my 2 year work-anniversary also appears on the horizon. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here that long already, and time has flown by, much like a Mercedes Benz on a German Autobahn. In late 2015, we started doing rotation days, so that new Blacklane staff members […]

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2016 – what’s going on in Customer Service?

While I haven’t been writing much on the Customer Service landscape recently, I have been busy within it. Beyond my daily tasks at Blacklane heading up the Customer Care & Operations team, I’ve had the opportunity to vistit a few conferences this year, and speak to many colleagues within the industry, and I’ve noticed a […]

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Does “Social” Change Customer Service?

I was recently asked to speak at a conference in Germany, on the subject of Social Customer Care, and that got me thinking about the subject, and about how I (and my team) approach the subject. What a great way to bring my blog back to life, right? So what is this phrase “Social Customer […]

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Making complex things simple is what most online companies/services attempt to do. If it’s buying your next pair of shoes, ordering something to eat, or changing your service plan with your mobile provider, going online to do so is now more than just a habit, it’s how you do things today. Either via a browser […]

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Did you ever wonder what Bitcoin is?

The term Bitcoin has been popping up over the past few months & years as a new payment model/method based on a P2P system. has but together the basics around Bitcoin, giving some insight into what it is, how it works, and also what concerns exist around it. Check the article here:! Update: Talk […]

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Why Outsourcing is no longer a no-go

In my daily life, I often get asked why companies still outsource, as outsourcing seems to (still) have a negative side-taste. Outsourcing is probably one of the most discussed topics within the Customer Service world. Offshore, nearshore, onshore, all viable options that have even made it into the dictionary as verbs. And still, there is […]

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Photography has always been a hobby, for my full portfolio, you can check this link

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